Shooting an Elephant

In the story “Shooting Elephants” by George Orwell the issues seem nonpolitical because you have to have the rights to treat animals the right way. Killing an animal just to dont feel like a fool is not a good idea to do. The elephant was innocent he did not deserved to be killed. In the story he killed i guess to receive respect from the people that were around him and also he did not get out anything from anyone besides his fame for killing an elephant. In my political opinion i bealived that people kill animals for satisfaction and because they are mean and they dont have feelings towards animals. I had always say animals are like other childs of your own because they have feeling as we human do. They may not talk like us but they feel and smell and listen when someone says something. There is political issues that people need to know in this world.


I Stand Here Ironing

I Stand Here Ironing by Tillie Olsen, a story about a mother having daughters and one of them name Emily had hard circumstances. It was a extremely hard life for this young lady because it seemed like that she was sick of depression or she was going crazy. In reality she had a hard time because her parents were separated. Tillie Olsen wrote this to show teenagers and kids different age about reality with parents going through a divorce. In my opinion little young teens make excuses to don’t get separated from parents basically because they don’t wanna feel alone. Emily felt afraid that her mother would leave her. There was a time were Tillie writes that Emily ended in a hospital and was not eating well nor getting enough sleep because she had nightmares. “Who needs help”, means that Emily did not want help from anyone and felt her mother did not love her because she send her away and did not visit her the time she was gone. After Emily came back she would push her mother away from her, “They don’t like you to love anybody here”. Kids were abounded and were only visit once in months. It’s sad how this story is. I think it’s sad that kids and adults have to go trough this and be send away. Tillie Olsen did great in writing this.If you were in Emily’s shoes what would you have done or how would of you react to all this situation? The mother of Emily did not know what to do because they were so poor and could not afford much for her daughters. “Aren’t you ever going to finish the ironing?” which meant when was her mother gonna fixed all the situation so they can be a normal family once again without her father.

About Me

This is my second semester in this class and it’s a pleasure to continue in this class. Im happy to be in this class because that means i passed last semesters class! My goals for this semesters are first to pass, get better in my writting specially when it comes to essays. Also i would want to have more classes in the future because i really enjoy Santa Ana College. I feel very comftarble in thia college im around people that are nice. As a student i know i have responsobilities like to turn in assigments and be in class all the time and always be paying attention. Out side college i have a wonderful family that supports me in everything. I have a lovely princess shes only 2 years old her name is Destiny she’s my motivation to do my best in college shes the one that brightens my days. I also have a part time job at a restaurant as a cashier its call Pauls Place they have great food there. In my free time i love to spend time with my little one and go for a walk to the park and also i like to cook food for my family. When im alone i enjoy hearing music to relax and take some time for myself. I watch lots of cartoons too. Once you have kida you will know! My dream is to be a nurse and graduate from a UC and have my own home and have a job in a career i really love. I also dream of giving my family the best because when you put effort to something you deserve the best.